Pricing and Registration Life should always be flexible...keep that in mind as you go through the registration process. 😎

Ready to Register?

Just dropping in for a class? Drop-in is $25 each class, scroll down to book your class time.

Register for 2 or more classes at time for $22 each
I will be updating this form regularly. If you know your dates-ish, be sure to lock-in when you register.

Monthly Membership $80
Four 2-hour classes a month and much more!

Session Format

I am always open to switching based on student interests. If you have painted a particular composition, you could try creating it in another color scheme. I paint things over and over, selling some and giving others away - just a thought. Building your art skills through repetition is very important and helps you develop as an artist.

Email me your suggestions for our session, pulling from my gallery, or a theme, medium, and your preferred class time. Students are all ages, and there are only 8 registered spots per session (Zoom boxes). However, others are welcome to paint with you at no additional cost. The focus will be on the registered students for the session.

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