Pride Family Forests

I know we all have labels these days and I hope to live to see these made obsolete, BUT until then I am going to wave my flags and shout my pronouns (She/They).

What is a Pride Family Forest? Each colorful tree represents the flags of our family members. The white birches are pets and allies (our dogs don't live by labels-amazing culture they have).

Be on Zoom while I create a kind piece of art that reflects your life now. I will be able to work with you in real time on preferences for the piece: colors, style, how many trees, who they represent.

We will discuss your amazing journey so far and how being a member of the LGBTQ community impacts your life and much more. At the end of our time together you will have a piece of art and a recording of the process and an oral history of you. 

Email [email protected] for pricing and to schedule your session.

Show your 2022 Pride with an original, print, puzzle, and commission your own Pride Family Forest  

Prefer to paint your own??  I'm having paint sessions! June 22nd 9-11 am and June 25th 12-2 pm (possibly Sunday the 26th). All times are Pacific

Hendricks-Lock Family Pride Forest

In our home we are LGBTQ with an emphasis on Lesbian, Transgender, Non-Binary, and a dash of Autism.

Kristin's Pride Forest

What Kristin had to say about her experience.
"She has created an art collection for Pride called Pride Family Forests. Each family member gets to pick a color of tree that represents them. The options can coordinate with expressions of different flags or colors that are important to each family member! While she painted, we had an amazing discussion about an upcoming podcast episode that we plan to record together, as well as ideas for retreats and workshops. I’m very grateful for my Pride Family Forest painting, for this experience, and for the gift of having this extraordinarily talented human as my friend!"

Branching Out



BBF 4-Ever

More Options on the Way 

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Countdown to Pride

Did I hear commission?

Yes, look forward to getting to know you and your family and creating a one of a kind painting that reflects your uniqueness.
Email [email protected] to ask any questions and schedule a consult.

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