Creativity + Community = Empowerment

Creative Community Membership

For only $80 monthly you will receive the following member benefits

+ Priority scheduling Four 2-hour sessions per month
+ Discounts on additional live classes
+ Family and Friends join for free 1x monthly
+Access to self-paced courses
+Email support on paintings between classes

Priority Scheduling and Four 2-hour sessions per month
You receive the schedule of classes, choose paintings to create and are able to reserve your spot first. Your spot in class is guaranteed. If you have time for more than 3 classes in a month, you can register for more at a discounted rate.

Also, I am super flexible and if you miss 1 class in a month, that class will be transferred to the following month. You just need to let me know if you are missing and when you would like to schedule the make-up session.

Each month you will let me know via email or by filling out a registration form which dates/times you plan to attend. The current live class schedule is Four Saturdays a month with the following Pacific class times: 9-11 am, 11:30 am-1:30 pm, and 2:00-4:00 pm

Have time to attend more classes? Your rate is $18.00 (Regular drop-in rate is $25)

Family and Friends
Your virtual seat (i.e. box) may include anyone on your end to attend at no additional cost, however instruction is focused on the official enrollees. I prefer to keep the class size at 8 students max and ask you to let me know if additional artists are joining. It’s super important to me that everyone receives the attention they deserve.

Once a month you may invite a friend or family member to join with their own virtual seat for free. You will need to let me know the date/time asap to reserve their spot.

Access to self-paced courses and email support
I am creating lessons for students to take at their own pace. You may have already created the painting and would like to challenge yourself to create it again with a different pallet. Perhaps you have plans for a painting party and would like to treat your guest to a painting session. You get to be the teacher!

This access is for your personal use only and not for profit. Teachers! If you would like to use my lessons in your classroom, written permission is required. I will also be able to offer you additional support materials for you to have a successful class.

For questions and feedback on paintings that you are working on from live classes or self-paced, this membership covers 2 exchanges per month.

Ready to sign-up? Fill out this Google form to get started.  You will need to 1 class before being accepted into the Creative Community Membership.