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Blooming Blossoms On Canvas

Blooming Blossoms 1

The blooming blossoms each spring brings me to tears of joy and allergies. Acrylics Price $65


Blooming Blossoms 2

The blooming blossoms each spring brings me to tears of joy and allergies. In Blooming Blossom 2
there is double the fun. Acrylics Size H 8” X W 10” Price $65

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Blue Moon Blossoms

Enchanted by the moon, these blossoms shimmer in early spring.  Acrylics and Iridescent Medium Size H 8” X W 10” Price $65 


Into the Woods

Be sure to click the image to see the entire painting. Exploring a vibrate green forest and happening upon a blossoming tree is a special treat for any walk. Acrylics  Size H 8” X W 10” Price $65  


Blooming Blossoms in Gels

 Spring is bringing an unexpected storm and the blooms are holding steady in this imaginative play in gels. Size H 16" x W 20" Price $175

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Blooming Blossom Online Course

Create your own unique Blooming Blossoms

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Notebooks with Handmade Paper

Each cover is painted in acrylics with a gloss finish and the paper is handmade. My handmade paper is made from recycled studio waste. I use my paper plate pallets, scrap paper, and water used to clean brushes in creating these unique pieces of paper. I love making art from the waste of making art!

The paper is thick, a bit bumpy, and has flakes of paint within the fibers. I am still perfecting my process and some of the paper has a lot of character. I hope you enjoy writing on each page.

I suggest a gel pen or marker for best handwriting results. I do not mind the texture of the paper and often use a pencil. I sew the pages together with thread and hot glue them into the covers.

I have hand painted each cover and have several different looks to choose from including backwards for creating haiku. Possible uses for these notebooks: poetry, haiku, passwords, or a circle journal.

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Catalog for Blooming Blossoms Notebooks


Blooming Blossom Cards

Each Blooming Blossom card is uniquely hand painted and the envelopes are simply made with a variety of colored paper. Sizes vary – be sure to view the catalog and let me know which ones you would like to purchase.

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