Friendship Sunflower

Building Community with Art

Every summer I get so excited when sunflowers bloom. The sunflower is my personal favorite because they make me smile, I’m not allergic, and I love the seeds.

It makes me happy watching them get taller and taller, even rising to be eye level with me. A couple times a year I bring out my Friendship Sunflower lesson, which is about connecting with your family, friends, and community.

This year, I feel an urgency for creating peace and community now more than ever!

Teachers and Caregivers! This is a lovely ice breaker for the fall, and you are welcome to take this lesson into your classrooms. I have additional support documents and presentations to share. Email [email protected] to request access.

This July I will have a watercolor lesson, along with the acrylic lesson for you to create. Join me on a FREE live Zoom!
Email [email protected] for more details

Free Sessions in July

Register for a date or suggest another time! Keep scrolling for the materials list and option for creating your work of art. All session times are PST.

Date/times are pending email [email protected] with a suggested day/time.

Options for creating the 4-panel Friendship Sunflower 

1. Create a 4-panel Friendship Sunflower painting where you will
keep 1-panel and give the other 3 to people closest to you.

2. Invite 3 other artists to join you in creating
this piece of art together.

3. Make new friends by creating this project
with others in the class.

Materials List