Blue Moon Blossoms

Learn how to create a blossoming tree touched with the light of a blue moon.

Together we will create a softly cratered moon and blooming blossom tree. Bring your shimmering acrylic medium to add extra magic to your painting.

As spring approaches, I am always excited to paint blossoming trees and this year I was inspired to create a blue moon. We will add sparkle to the blossoms and moon for an added magical effect.

This class is great for any artist aged 6 and up with little to no experience with art. You will learn basic acrylic painting skills, how to create dimensional clouds, trees, and materials care.

In class we will take time to discover how to use our materials to translate what is in our minds unto our artwork. The brush techniques we will explore are fun and you will gain confidence to create your unique Blue Moon Blossoms painting.

This 2-hour workshops style session will fly by. Some painters only need 1.5 and others need more than 2-hours. I encourage everyone to be where they are and not rush due to the scheduled time.

If you would like to take it as a live session and do not see it on the schedule fill out the form below to request.

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