Making art is a transformative experience and having a regular creative outlet will empower all aspects of your life. My creative outlet is painting and teaching people how to explore their creativity. My students inspire me to keep making art as I hope to inspire them to do the same.

I believe in making art that you like to see hanging on your walls. Learning the craft of acrylic painting is rewarding and each work an artist completes is part of their creative journey.

My creative journey led me to study art at the college level, under dynamic professional artists, and as self-guided practice. Over the past 12 years, I have been showing, selling, and teaching art. I primarily teach acrylics on canvas creating colorful landscapes and abstract animals with my students.

With a Masters of Education in Instructional Design, I skillfully craft each lesson to allow the time and space for learners to explore their creativity, practice techniques, and learn how to properly use and care for their art materials. For students to feel empowered and supported is my ultimate objective. I look forward to being a part of your creative journey! 

Jen Lock (Ms. Jen)